E-telecom is an expert in providing telecommunication solutions to the Hotel Industry. We have gained massive experience in the Hospitality sector by providing custom services to our clients.  Products include Analog and Digital Epabx, IP Epabx, Custom phones for the hotel industry, Phone Face Plates, Smart Wifi panel and Wifi controling system.

Etelecom offers solutions that include hospitality-specific features and tailored applications that enable you to implement advanced business processes.



  • Smart Wifi Panel


    A new Smart Panel Access Point
    High Performance 802.11n
    Integrated Wired/Wireless Wall Panel
    The Smart Panel LIM‐AP delivers consistent performance and maintains stable connection within high‐capacity environments. It adopts standard 86mm panel design method equipped with build‐in antenna which is convenient to install in the gang box, free of configuration and effectively maintains the orginal decoration style. Ideal for offering converged services within hotel guest rooms and university dormitories, the Smart Panel LIM‐AP provides an easy way to offer multiple connections into a single room without multiple cables. The Smart Panel LIM‐AP device comply with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol, thus providing a transmission speed of up to 150 Mbps and one wired Ethernet access connection that can be used to support a range of inroom IP device and user connectivity options.

    An additional pass‐through port allows connectivity for analog phones that requires native access to an in house PBX system. Apart from this, the Smart Panel AP can support centralized management for configuration and firmware upgradation. The Smart Panel LIM‐AP has the ability to broadcast up to eight SSIDs per device. It supports security protocols like WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA‐EAP, WPA2‐EAP and WPA‐ PSK/WPA2‐PSK mixed mode.